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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm a little late for my Sunday blog... by an hour I guess. So here goes:
Sat. I went out to Knox College for my LARP group's first session of Mage: the Awakening. I played a really off-beat Thyrsus psychotropic drug dealer/ holistic healer. My best friend Denis played a gay British schizophrenic prostitute (Acanthus), and we were inseparable the entire night. It was an outrageous BLAST. There were scandals, mysteries, and politics galore. I took tea (to speak) with a Goetic Demon of Envy, introduced two Acanthus to Sally-D, hid an Atlantean artifact in my bra, and engaged in outrageous mini-adventures with my new cabal, The Revelry.
I teased the shit out of my hair so it was all poofy and sweet, then I clipped it up for extra volume and stuck flowers and a sprig in there. I wore a black and purple neo-tribal/celtic knotwork wraparound, fuckloads of tacky jewelry, painted my nails gold and purple, and danced barefoot half of the game. Mike painted on my character's memorial poppy tattoo sleeve and it looked amazingly real.
Afterwards, we all went to this all night diner and bar, where my other gay friend (and the night's lead storyteller) bought us four rounds of shots (mind erasers, 2 tie me to the bedposts, and a red headed slut), I bought a shot of chilled Sambuca (which was like 3 shots because the bartender was awesome). We tipped her well because she also met how much we put into the jukebox. We danced, sang, and socialized until 3 or so, when we all decided it would be fantastic to herd over to another friend's house in Galesburg for a Rock Band tourney and some more socializing.
There was flower-petal confetti, the stuffing of too many people into a BMW, and the loss of my voice to singing way loud having not warmed up. We crawled home at dawn, made Tuna Salad sandwiches, and talked with my mom about how my cat woke her up at 3am by dragging a vase full of shells and sand off the dresser onto another glass vase. She said she thought someone through a brick through the window.
Anyway, it was an amazing night. We didn't get up until 2:30, and I made balsalmic vinegar marinated chicken topped with herbs, paprika, sesame seeds... and smashed potatoes with cauliflower. Mike took us grocery shopping later, we watched Che with Mom and then I logged in to video chat with the amazing girls on the d20 girl's website.
That was pretty much my day. It was awesome.

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